Great timing…

I am about to head off for a few days in Brighton, where I used to live before moving here; followed by Sussex University’s 50 anniversary celebration, held over next weekend.

So, naturally, just in time for my holiday break, the cellullitus that resulted from my hurting my leg in San Francisco (in March!) has reappeared for the third time.

Thursday, I took a trip to the GP, who confirmed it, and gave me yet another course of antibiotics. I’ve just googled Clarithromycin, and discovered one of the known possible side-effects is insomnia. Which explains why I am sitting here wide awake in the middle of the night, following two attempts to go to sleep.

There was some good news. Not expecting much, I said to the GP “I guess I won’t be drinking during my holiday then”, and was pleasantly surprised to be told that I would be fine, provided I was sensible – a couple of beers would be no problem. Also, by the time my university shindig happens, I should have finished the a/bs.

Still, this is getting tiresome, so when I get back I am planning to see my GP again to see if anything can be done to stomp on this once and for all.

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