Ginger Beer – 1st making

My first attempt at making Ginger Beer worked exceedingly well. After 5 days in the jar, I bottled up a 1 litre plastic lemonade bottle, which left a glassful for tasting – still, but quite pleasant.

After 4 more days, I couldn’t resist any longer, so I opened the bottle. I know I should have left it a couple of days longer, but it was good – effervescent, instead of fizzy, but it definitely had the right taste.

I have another jar ready for bottling, which will do another 1 litre bottle, plus a bit left over.

At the moment, I am brewing in a glass cookie jar, with muslin over the top. I think I will buy a couple of gallon demijohns, with wine-making airlocks, and see how things go with that.

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