Barbecue fun

On a brighter note, I took my smoker out of storage this weekend, and found it a semi-permanent home in the garden, which means I will get a whole lot more use out of it.

Although I have used it quite a bit for smoking and slow cooking, I haven’t done a lot of straight grilling on it. So this weekend I experimented with all manner of burgers, sausages and chicken, until I got a feel for the temperature ranges and timings.

I was supposed to have pork chops for tea last night, but I had had all the meat I could face, so I settled for some pasta.

While on the subject of barbecue, the maker of my smoker, Traeger, has just made their recipe book available for free download as a pdf. I was really pleased about this, as the printed version is supplied with grills sold in the US, but is not available here in the UK.

Although the recipe book is geared towards their kit, I think it could easily be adapted for any kind of barbecue/grill; and it’s free!

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