Welcome to Alcatraz

Wednesday March 16

Today, I have a ticket for Alcatraz. I am booked for the 11am sailing, but I get up early, and after breakfasting on cold pizza, head down to Pier 33.

I get there as they are boarding the 10am, and ask if I can transfer. I can, and seeing that I have 10 minutes spare, go and get a coffee and a ham and swiss roll for later.

Yesterday, we had rain on and off all day, so today I have my backpack, with a waterproof and hat. Of course, it is sunny all day!

Alcatraz is well worth the visit, the former prison has been well set out as an exhibit, and some of the cells are dressed with possessions to show how they might have been.

What did surprise me was the rest of the island. i knew that the families of the administrators and guards lived on “The Rock”, but didn’t expect to see the gardens there, some planted by the families, and some by the inmates.

I had a great time, but even so, made it round the island in a few hours, not all day as I had allowed. I had been warned the walk to the prison was long and steep – a warning repeated in our introduction to the island by a park ranger. But I find it easy – perhaps I am fitter than I thought!

As a result, I have time to go back to the hotel by streetcar and dump my backpack and purchases (souvenir junkie!) before meeting Joey back at the pier for dinner.

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