The Mexican

Got back to Fisherman’s Wharf, after the cinema. Having had a large picnic for lunch, I planned to have something light in the hotel restaurant, but I was late for that – I could have been served, but it would be rushed. So, having dumped my bags, I went out again and came across a Mexican restaurant. As I hadn’t had Mexican this trip, I went in.

I ordered the combination platter of beef taco, beef burrito and cheese enchilada, which came with rice and refried beans, to which I added a side of guacamole. Washed down with a long island iced tea (I am currently contemplating a second), it was great!


  1. Jo
    March 18, 2011

    Diet’s going well, then?

    Lol – I’m in the same boat and have been eating for Ireland for months now – so pleased you’re having a good time stateside – how much longer are you there for?

    Many thanks for the Christmas card, btw – it arrived mid-Feb with a terse note telling me you’d not put the correct postage for Ireland on it – had to giggle – and please do the same next year as it was lovely to get a card in the middle of the mud-months!

    If we ever get the house in decent order (don’t hold your breath) you’ll have to come visit us one May for the local music festival – I have a feeling you’d love it and fit right in. Feile Cois Cuan, it’s called – which I think means ‘festival by the sea’ – pubs are full of fiddlers (resisting urge to make inappropriate comment there) and whistlers, traditional ‘seisuns’ on the square – great atmosphere!

    Please continue to report on foodie things – I’m really enjoying your blog!

  2. chris
    March 18, 2011

    Alas, this is my last full day – I fly back tomorrow, late afternoon.

    The diet may have suffered, but I think I’ve made up for it in activity – have been walking at leadt a couple of miles each day, while in SF, and often much more than that.

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