Return to San Francisco

Monday March 14

Barry dropped me at LAX early for my flight, at my request, as I get paranoid about running late for flights. However there were two things I didn’t know:

1) Although an international airport, LAX has very few facilities. I am used to seeing a mini mall at airports, LAX has a bookshop, Starbucks, Burgerking and – thankfully  – a decent seafood restaurant.

2) Because of fog at SFO, my flight got delayed from 1:50 to well after 3pm.

As a result, I arrived at SFO rather weary, so I took a taxi to my hotel, and was glad to pay for it.

By the time I had unpacked, taken a shower and rested for a while, I discovered it was just past 9pm, when the hotel restaurant closes. I could still order room service, but instead I go for a walk, and find that Ghiradelli Square is only 10 minutes away. I have been told that the Pub at Ghiradelli is worth checking out, and the tip is a good one – good beer and a pulled pork dish with candied yams and grits.

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