Microwave – a change of heart

Earlier this month, I was asking Do I Really Need A Microwave. Having had my old one blow up just before Christmas, I wondered whether I need to replace it.

I decided I did, and have bought this. Much smaller (and cheaper) than my previous model, it has a round back and fits nicely into a corner. It doesn’t have a convection oven setting, but it does have a grill.

And it has just arrived, which means I won’t be completely without cooking facilities next week when my kitchen floor is being resurfaced.

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  1. chris
    February 5, 2011

    Actually, this has turned out to be quite a good buy. The smaller size definitaly makes it less dominant in the kitchen, and the door opening is raised above the surface an inch or two, making it less necessary to keep the top clear in front of it (it clears a plate or breadboard easily).

    It came with a “crisper tray” which, when used in microwave/grill mode does a half decent job of heating an individual pie – not as nice as oven cooked, but not a soggy mess, either.

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