Month: August 2010

August 9, 2010
Read about this on one of the BBQ forums I am reading and had to share.

Make a hamburger, and top with cheddar cheese. Wrap with bacon. Then cut some frankfurters (or similar) in half, shape as appropriate, and insert into bacon wrapped burger to form head, tail and legs. Then cook.

August 9, 2010
I’ve been running around a bit lately, and so haven’t posted much about the work going on here.

Tim and Nev finished their bit over a week ago, although the kitchen isn’t quite finished yet. All the units are fitted, the tops are in and the walls between the units are tiled; the new coving (boxing in some pipes, and the tops of the wall cupboards, which are a pain to clean) is done. The only thing not done is painting the remaining walls, and fitting a floor covering.

August 7, 2010
August 5, 2010
I have 6 tickets to “Into The Woods” at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, but only 5 people in my party, which means I have a spare ticket.

The performance is the matinee (2:30pm) show on Saturday 28 August. The ticket price is £40 (we are in the front row, seats A1 – A6). We will be meeting an hour or so before the performance, and there is food and drink available on site.