I can see my garden!

As my car is currently iffy, I decided not to go to my board-game group’s Second Saturday session, and spend the day in the garden instead.

I actually was going to spend most of yesterday in the garden, but my first job was a quick run to the garden centre – which is when I found my car wouldn’t leave the drive. So a couple of hours wasted on looking at that, and bringing my service forward, followed by doing my shopping by bus/foot, and I didn’t feel like taking on the garden afterwards.

Because it was in a terrible mess. I don’t know why, but I have really not found the time to do anything out there, this year. Whether it is because I have been working and planning on stuff going on in the house, or it was the lack of mum on the phone saying “so what have you done to the garden this week?”, but I really have neglected it, the beds (which I weeded in early May) were ravaged by thistles and weeds, and the grass was knee high.

So today I was out there at about 10:30, and worked on the major weeds in the paving and gravel until lunchtime. When I stopped for lunch at 1:30, I was tired, and wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to go out there again. While I was thinking about this, a neighbour rang on the doorbell – they were having a problem with their computer, could I help?

It was just the break I needed, I went over and sorted out their problems, which took a while, and got back home at about 4pm. I felt absolutely fine again, so I did another 4 hours, and have just finished for the day.

There is still a lot to do, but the grass has had a rough cut (at least the larger area where I sit, the grass by the herb garden is still a forest), the worst of the weeds have gone, and two of my three beds are thoroughly weeded. Plus the garden furniture has had a good hose down and scrub.

I’m now completely cream crackered, so it is a couple of well-deserved burgers for me, and some telly.

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