What I did in Brighton, final part

I’ve actually been home since Saturday, but didn’t get near a computer over the weekend.

On Wednesday evening, I managed to catch up with an old friend, who I probably haven’t seen for 10 years or so. We went out for an excellent curry, followed by a coffee back at his place and a chat about old times and what each of us has done since. Really good to see him.

Earlier I had emailed another friend, hoping to connect up with him, but I hadn’t heard from him. As it happened, he tried to phone me while I was out on Wednesday evening, and didn’t have my phone with me. Anyway, we spoke Thursday morning, and I arranged to go around and see him in the evening. Spent a very pleasant time with him and his partner, talking about old times.

Having had a good walk around on previous days, I spent Thursday on the buses, toting a couple of shopping bags around town. Bought some cheap boxed sets in HMV – a complete set of “The 4400” (which I had previously watched and enjoyed the first series, but no more), and also series 1 of “Fringe”, which I have heard decent things about. Both were at prices that I could easily recoup on eBay. I also picked up the Caprica pilot, which I couldn’t resist, even though I suspect I will be disappointed.

In one of those shops that house multiple stalls of tit-tat, I picked up a small flight case for a fiver. It had a couple of minor dings, but was clean and in good condition, and will be perfect to keep my mikes in. I also found a camera mount on a flexible stalk and a padded sprung clamp. Although I already have a GorillaPad mount, I could see a use for this for filming in the kitchen (easily clamped to a kitchen top or shelf), and it was only a tenner.

I discovered a nice games shop – Wargames Heaven – as the name suggests it is oriented around wargames, but it also has a good assortment of board games, and lots of “Wings of War” stuff. They also seem to host some games sessions, so I took note of their website, for a possible future trip.

Finally, I did the book shops, buying too many books to list here.

Friday morning, I had a lazy morning, and grabbed some lunch, before driving back to London. I stopped off at the Crematorium in Corbet’s Tey, to leave flowers for mum and dad (and also my grandad and nan, who are also there), before driving on to have dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. I stayed overnight with them, and then drove home.

It was a really good trip, and I got a lot done, but it’s always nice to get home.

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