What a great day.

Last Saturday, I was due to host my gaming group on an all day + BBQ gaming day. However, I had to postpone it a week, due to my being ill the previous week – I knew if I made it to the Gadget show on the Friday, I would be knackered for the Saturday.

What a decision – today the sky was without cloud. The first gamers arrived at 10am, with more arriving at 11am, and we played through to 1:30, by which time I had the BBQ going. We all ate far to much red meat (except for the vegetarian!), and then went back to play, just in time to hear the ice cream van. We all rushed out to great it, screaming like kids.

Then an afternoon/evening of gaming, with some leaving early, and a hardy few staying until 9pm.

A really great day. Now I am going to put the washing up in the sink and collapse in front of the TV.

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