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As part of my kitchen project, I have mostly had local people quoting. However, while googling for ideas, I came across the Tesco Kitchens website. I was surprised that Tescos were doing this kind of thing, but thought I would let them quote, to see how they compare.

The appointment was made the week before last, for today at 9am. I wasn’t filled with confidence, as the young lady who called me back (who was not employed by Tescos, but by the local subcontractor) started by apologising as she had only just started working for her brother, and she was “a bit rubbish at it”.

So I wasn’t really that surprised when 9am came and went, and no-one turned up and no-one called, either. I left it until 9:40am, then called Tescos and explained, and asked them to contact the subcontractor to find out his ETA. They took my details and promised an immediate callback.

I have just called again (at 10:40am), as the guy is still not here, and no-one from Tescos has called me back either. I have cancelled the appointment completely, as if someone can’t arrange to make an appointment (or call to explain), I am not going to trust them with several grand of my money to fit a kitchen.

Although I work from home, I tend to book time off for things like this, as it is not fair on the company for me to spend time talking to builders while Orion is paying me to work. So I have also blown half a day’s holiday.

Not impressed, Tesco, not impressed.

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  1. April 26, 2010

    All of which makes today’s news that Tesco are planning to go into the house-building/selling business a bit (more) dubious. As the Times puts it, you’ll be able to buy a house built and sold by Tesco, furnish it from Tesco, and pay for it all with your Tesco credit card … though their Third Leader on it is very funny. (Also, alas, probably all too true!)

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