Month: April 2010

April 3, 2010
I’ve been poorly again, since my return from Manchester, a tickle that turned into a cough, that turned into a full chest infection, and I have been given another lot of antibiotics to take.

As I normally work from home, I carried on working until Thursday, when it became too much for me. I spent most of Thursday and much of Friday either asleep in bed or snoozing on the sofa, which is why, when it got to Friday evening, I wasn’t a bit tired. I mean, I went to bed, but I wasn’t sleeping, so I got up again.

April 2, 2010
Actually, not so new – apparently it has been doing the rounds for a while, but I hadn’t seen it before.

Yesterday, on April 1, BoardGameGeek did a rather good prank, that took its victims to this video. It was so disturbing and funny that I had to share, although no doubt many of you may have already seen it.