Month: February 2010

February 14, 2010
February 14, 2010
From GCHQ’s careers website, read by Jeremy Hardy:

“GCHQ is heavily dependent on its use of technology in order to execute its vital intelligence mission. An increasingly rapidly changing digital world demands a furious pace of innovation in our technical systems. We achieve this with the support of modern technologies, the right skills and an appetite to learn. Please submit a CV in Word format – please note at present we do not have the software to read Word 2007 documents.”

February 13, 2010
Because I have been poorly, I never did get round to making the rye starter I intended to. From my original starter, I have made 3 loaves of bread, with the folllowing results:

1) Traditional circular Sourdough, baked on a metal tray. This was made before I took ill. A decent effort – although it didn’t rise as much as I had wished for, it had a pleasant taste and texture, and got quickly eaten.

February 4, 2010
Over the last month, I’ve dipped in and out of being unwell – nothing alarming, merely coughs and sniffles, and a problem of being tired during the day, but unable to sleep properly at night, mainly due to said sniffles affecting my use of CPAP.

As a result, I’ve done bugger all housework over the last couple of weeks, I have a huge pile of t-shirts and underwear waiting to be ironed or put away, and I’ve missed out on a couple of things I intended to do this month, such as gaming and folk events.

February 2, 2010