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Being of a certain size, larger than the usual sizes stocked by high street stores, I do a lot of shopping online.  Although full marks to Debenhams, who recently sold me an instore, off-the-peg suit without any fuss, surprise or embarassment – I even let them sell me the shirt, tie and belt to go with it, I was so pleased.

However, I find the problem with online stores – specifically clothing stores – is you only have to order from them once, and they start sending you regular paper catalogues. Now, to me this seems unnecessary; after all, they already know that I buy online. But the catalogues pile up on the doormat, and are then moved straight to the recycling.

What I find most irritating is the need to remove the catalogue from its plastic bag, and fillet it of all bits of paper containing my personal information (name, address, account number, email address etc), before it can be safely recycled

So I have been writing to the various companies, requesting they remove me from their postal mailing list. The alternative is for them to simply remove my account and lose my business forever.

Anyway (and this has become a longer post than I intended it to be) what amused me today, was receiving a batch of email acknowledgements, all which have the following somewhere in the message:

“Please consider the environment before printing this email.”


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