A Walk In The Park

My plans, on returning to Market Deeping, to get back into a routine – particularly regarding my diet – was scuppered this week, when I came down with a rotten cold. The sniffles began on Monday, and I worked through them Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday, it had become a full blown cold with headache and chills. In such times, I forget about any good intentions, and just indulge myself with whatever makes me feel better, including lots of orange juice, which I always have a craving for when I am ill.

Anyway, today was the first time since Tuesday night that I haven’t been collapsed on either my bed or sofa. I spent the morning tidying up the bathroom and kitchen (the lounge is still a bombsite, but that’s for another day), but at lunchtime I decided I needed some fresh air. So I took a trip down to Ferry Meadows, part of Nene Park.

One of the things I like about Nene Park is that there are so many different ways you can walk around it, depending on how energetic you feel, and whether you want to be among people, or on your own. As I still felt like a snot-machine, I chose to take a quiet path, so if I had an attack of the sneezes, there wouldn’t be anyone around to worry about. So I took the path down around the Nature Reserve, to Orton Meadows Golf Course. From there, I would normally turn right, and follow the Nene Valley Railway back to Ferry Meadows, but I was still feeling fine, so instead I turned left and headed for Orton Mere, crossing the Nene at the station. I then headed back along the north side of the Nene, alongside Thorpe Wood golf course. Crossing back over the Nene at the Bluebell Bridge, it was then just a short walk back to the carpark. Bu this time, my head and sinuses had cleared considerably, and I felt almost human, so I stopped at the cafe for a well-earned cup of tea.

This is not something I would normally write about here, but it quite cheered me up, and made me feel I’d achieved something today.

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