Mum’s Service

Mum’s service was today, at South Essex  Crematoriums, in Corbet’s Tey.

The service went well, we had a lady minister called Lesley, who had come round to see us the previous Sunday, and talked to us about mum. She turned our notes and what we told her into a very moving speech.

The previous week, when checking mum’s diary for appointments which might need to be cancelled, I came across a short list of songs in the back page. When she wrote that note, we do not know, but it contained songs that we know she loved. So for the service, we used two of her choices – “Over The Rainbow”, by Eva Cassidy played as we entered and left the service, and “Amazing Grace” was sung as a hymn, and also played at the time of commitment.

For after the service, we had booked a buffet at a nearby pub, and they did a very nice spread for those who came along.

Of course, it was a very trying time, but the sun shone, and everything went as it should, which is all you can ask for.

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