Back in Market Deeping

I am back home again in Market Deeping, having been away since the beginning of June, apart from a few flying visits to take care of things.

I arrived back Saturday night, but haven’t really done that much – unpacking my clothes, and sorting them into what can go away and what still needs to be ironed; finding a temporary place for the books and DVDs I have accumulated down in Chingford over the last 2 months; and stocking up the fridge.

I also had a wardrobe of mum’s things, which she left here for when she visited. These have been folded and packed, and will be donated to a suitable charity.

The garden is pretty much a mess. The tomato plants had almost given up the ghost, so I picked what fruit was on them, green and red, and dumped the plants. My neighbours have had a good supply of tomatoes off them (with my permission!), so they were not wasted, and I reckon I have enough green tomatoes to make a decent batch of relish. The courgette is still flowering, and I had a nice large courgette off it as part of my tea tonight. The pear tree has a full crop, and the fig tree appears to have recovered. However, the lawn is badly neglected and overgrown and there are weeds growing everywhere.

But that is a job for another day. I am in no rush, I’m going to take it one job at a time, and just get things sorted, slowly and surely.

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