Garden Update

With my being away in London a lot recently, the garden has suffered. Since my last trip home, a glitch hit the automatic watering system, and we have also had some very hot weather.

As a result, my fig tree has lost all of its leaves, and the small pear tree has also suffered badly. I don’t think either of them have suffered permanent damage, but only time will tell.

The tomato plants were also poorly, but they perked up after a good drink. Irregular watering can cause problems with tomato formation, but as very few tomatoes have actually started yet (it is mostly flower still), I may have ducked that problem.

The old pear tree, with its deep roots, is thriving, and has a good crop of pears, the first for many years. The peas and broad beans have also done well, and I am taking a couple of tupperware boxes back to London with me, filled with veg. Curiously, one of the courgette plants – which I had thought were dying – seems to have rallied round, and looks like it is about to bear some fruit.

The last of the lettuces bolted, so I lifted the lot and put them in the council compost bin, and quickly sowed some more seeds.

Let’s see how that lot go.

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