Eastercon: LX2009

Got back from Bradford last night, and I am off to Liverpool today, so I’ve no time to post in much detail.

I have to say that LX2009 is the best Eastercon I have been to for many years – and that is a comment on the quality of this year’s con, and not putting down previous years at all.

I went to an unusual (for me) number of programme items – this may be in part that two of the guests there – Tim Powers and Jon Courtenay Grimwood – are amongst my favourite authors. Both gave very good talks and appeared on a number of panels.

Special mention must be given to the superb music programme, which included some interesting panels and discussions. I was blown away by the main event on Saturday night, which was a 2 hour performance of music (some modern, some classical) used in Science Fiction shows and films, performed by the National Festival Orchestra. Yep, that’s right, a full-blown orchestra playing at a science fiction convention. They gave an amazing performance, and also seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Full marks to co-chairs James Bacon and Peter Harrow, and all their committee and staff who worked so hard to make this an unforgettable convention; and special cheers to Vincent Docherty, for arranging such a fantastic music programme.

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