Farewell Plaxo

I have just deleted my Plaxo profile, which was actually the original reason for my changing my web page to a blog.

Back in July, I was invited into Plaxo by Brenda, and I had a look and it seemed interesting. I liked the way it could apparently be linked into from various places, so it didn’t matter if you were on LiveJournal, Blogger or whatever, Plaxo would summarise your posts for your friends, and link back to your source material.

However, I quickly found that the link between Blogger and Plaxo, using RSS, was incredibly unreliable. My posts usually took a couple of days to make it to Plaxo, which for a live feed is virtually useless.

As a result, I have decided to drop the Plaxo feed, and just continue here. If anyone is interested in what I am doing, they know where to find me.

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