Garden Update

It’s been a while since I wrote about the garden, and things have moved along a bit – some good, some bad.

The brassicas suffered terribly this year from the Cabbage White butterfly. Being a novice gardener, I had no idea the effect their caterpillars could have. I lost a cabbage, all the cauliflowers, and I’m waiting to see if the brocolli will produce anything. On the brighter side, I have three cabbages still growing, which although their outer leaves are in holes, the hearts don’t look too bad.

After the main damage was done, I built a wood netted frame, which promptly fell apartthe first time I tried to move it. Version 2 is a lot better, and should survive the year. Next year, I intend to either group the plants so I can use the plastic cloches my local garden centre has, or I have seen an aluminum and plastic modular system that looks perfect, and is quite reasonable (and reusable).

The peppers, as I predicted, came to nothing. I had two very nice lettuces, but the last two bolted, so I added them to my green bin.

The new raspberry and blackberry plants haven’t produced much, but are establishing themselves nicely for next year.

The herb garden is growing well – all I need to do now is doing some cooking that will use the herbs.

Tomatoes were growing too well – I wasn’t diligent enough about keeping them under control, and they have gone all over the place. Lots of tomatoes, though, and I have cut them back a bit now, so all the plants energy should go into making nice juicy fruit.

The spinach beet has been uninspiring – it has grown ok, but not in great abundance, and I haven’t actually bothered to pick any (perhaps that is why – it is supposed to be a cut and come again crop).

The sugar snap peas – these were the big success of the summer. I have had so many peas off of these plants – as many as I can eat and more. Unfortunately, this week they fell foul to powder mildew. I missed the first signs, and when I realised what it was, the plants were covered in it. The plants probably had only a couple more weeks to go, anyway, so I picked the remaining peas (about 2 pints of peas and pods), and pulled up the plants. I have some onions I can plant in their place there for harvesting early spring.

Finally, the courgettes are in flower, and I am looking forward to seeing what I get from them. I really didn’t give them enough room this year, putting them in with the cabbages, but I will know better next year.

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