Return to Washington

I get up and shower at 9am, and pack leisurely, leaving the hotel at about 11:30. As I leave, the doorman lifts his hand and hails a taxi, like straight out of the movies. Although I am quite capable of hailing a taxi myself (or even walking the 25 yards across the street to the taxi rank), this fits so well into the spirit of my stay, that I have no hesitation in thanking and tipping him.

The taxi takes me straight down 7th Avenue, to Penn Station, in plenty of time to catch the 12:05 train to Washington. The trip is enjoyable, but uneventful. I know I am nearing the end of my vacation now, and am content to rest and think about the fun I have had.

I arrive at 4:20pm, and telephone Steve and Crystal to make arrangements. Gary and Sheryl are also free tonight, so it is suggested we dine somewhere in their area. We agree that I should make my way to Rockville station on the Metro, a trip now familiar to me, and Steve and Cheryl will pick me up. I arrive a little before them, so find some local shops and buy some water – it is hot and humid again, here in Washington, and I need a drink.

Steve and Crystal arrive, and we drive to Gary and Sheryl, then onto an Indian Restaurant. We have a very nice meal – I had a Lamb Biryani, with Naan. The others are interested in how it measures up to English curries, and the answer is very well indeed. In fact the menu looks quite familiar with the notable absence of anything like a Vindaloo, Bangalore of Phal, which seem to be excessively hot curries peculiar to the UK. No loss there!

We then drive on to meet a gaming group that Steve and Crystal play with. We play a few different games, one of which – Carcassonne – I win. We then headed back to Steve and Crystal’s, and bed.

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