Last day in Canada

My last day in Canada, and we start off lazily, as we have been active for the last two days. The weather has changed, and it is raining.

After a late brunch, we head off to the Woodland Cultural Centre, in Brantford. Judith has quite a lot of contact with the Native community, in her work, so has developed and interest, and quite a bit of knowledge. The Woodland Cultural Centre has a museum which tells a brief history of the Six Nations, the largest indigenous community in Canada, and there is also an exhibition of Native art.

Next, we move onto the village of Ohsweken, which is in the Six Nations Reserve – the weather cheers up for a little while, so we stop brieflly to look around. I do some shopping at the Sunrise Trading Post, a treasure house of handmade items, such as dreamcatchers and art items. We chat with the proprietor, who is fixing a wooden flute as we enter, and on finding we are musicians, plays for us. Some more shopping at a more conventional tourist store, Country Image, and it is time to head back to Hamilton.

Judith has to work in the evening, so we have an early dinner, of salad with ordered-in pizza. After, I say gooodbye to Judith, and the Dave drives me down to Buffalo. It is raining again, but the journey is easy enough, and Dave gets me to my hotel by about 19:30. He sees me to my room, and the we make our goodbyes.

The hotel has WiFi, but it is flakey, although I do get some emails out. Unfortuately, while trying to fiddle with it, my Palm hangs, requiring a hard reset. This rarely happens, but is an occassional hazard with Palms. The hard reset wipes the Palm’s memory, and although I have backup of important data, I have lost my notes of the last week, which I have still to upload. However, I have a 12 hour train ride ahead of me, so will have time to rewrite my journal for those days.

I intend to have an early night, but the HBO channel is running the film “Bruce Almighty”, which I haven’t seen before. So I get some pop and snacks in (a hotel room with a microwave and vending machine popcorn!), and settle down for the movie, finally going to sleep just before 11pm.

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