A Shopping Mall Day!

Having planned to get out early today, I found myself still drinking tea and playing the guitar at 11am. What the heck, I am on holiday. So rather than go down to the mall my guidebook recommended, in distant Springfield, I head to the smaller but closer mall at White Flint, just 3 stops on the metro.

Food first (of course) – I find a (supposedly) Texan barbecue in the food court, and order a pulled pork sandwich. This is served like a burger, in a bun, but instead of burger there is the pulled pork – think of shredded crispy duck, but with barbecued pork, and you will get the idea. Full of flavour, and very nice.

The guy serving catches my accent, and I explain I am touring. As one of my side-dishes he does me a small sampler plate of the other meats there for me to try – a piece a chicken, a piece of beef etc, all in a little dab of their sauce. Yum.

The mall is fun, I spend some time in Borders, but don’t buy any books – anything I buy, I will have to carry home to the UK. I do note some interesting titles, for ordering when I get back, and treat myself to a lemon fruit smoothy.

I can’t resist the men’s department at Bloomingdales, and after some assistance in working out that a US XXL *is* the same as a UK XXL, I pick up some nice polos and T-shirts.

When I leave, it is not yet 4pm, so I head into town for Union Station shops for some shoe shopping, as the solitary pair I brought with me are walking out the room when I take them off. This time I am prepared, and have established my correct US shoe size; only to discover the shoes I like are in German sizes, which I don’t know. So we measure the appendage and discover I am 47. For once, I *am* younger than my shoe size!

Head back to Rockville for a restful evening, and dinner with Gary and Sheryl.

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