Multicast working

Here and here I spoke about Multicast, and needing a new router to make it work.

The new router arrived in July, but initial attempt to get VPN working to my office with a suitable encryption failed. All I had to do was tinker with it, but I didn’t have time, and couldn’t afford for my work VPN to be down.

Being on holiday at the moment, it seemed a good time to play.

The Vigor 2830 is a nice little box, with plenty of features. This time, I did manage to get VPN working reliably, so work is sorted. It took only half-hour to google how to configure it for Multicast, and I now have access to Sky 1, Sky Living and a couple of other channels (the “basics” package), multicast live over the internet. The picture is excellent. My access to these is temporary, as the free TalkTalk/Sky introductory offer stops in October – and even though it would only cost me £5 per month for these few channels (and more for others, of course), I do not intend to knowingly give money to Sky, I can live without them. I am treating this free period as a test, to check I have multicast working; as Sky is not the only content that will eventually be multicast.

As noted earlier, the new router didn’t come equipped with WiFi (an oversight in my ebay search), but I connected my FON to the hub feeding my TV and set-top boxes, which itself is fed by Develo mains lan adapers. I now have a better WiFi signal than ever in the lounge, kitchen and conservatory, where I really need it.

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