Jeremy Hunt – a safe pair of hands for the NHS?

I am not making this up – Jeremy Hunt, the new Minister for Health, has a history of supporting homeopathy.

According to the Guardian: “In 2007 Hunt signed a Commons early day motion supporting it and also argued that it was worthwhile in correspondence with a constituent who questioned his stance, which was later published.”

The article also quotes Labour allegations that Hunt tried to have the scenes that celebrated the NHS removed from Danny Boyle’s Olympics Opening Ceremony.

Yet another allegation, this time from Labour’s Diane Abbott was that in 2008 he voted for the time limit on abortion to be reduced from 24 to 12 weeks. However, this appears to be incorrect. According to the public whip’s office he voted no for reducing it to 12 or 16 weeks, but aye for reducing it to 20 or 22 weeks. All 4 votes were defeated.

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