The Incredible Shrinking Man

I had a routine health checkup yesterday; more blood drawn to followup some previous tests, and general checking of blood pressure/weight and chat about diet.

The nurse asked me if anyone at the surgery had ever measured my height. I have been going there 10 years, but thought about it, and answered “no”. The nurse tutted, and muttered words to the effect of “of course, they find it easier just to ask you, don’t they”.

After measuring me, she asked “So, how tall do you think you are?”

“Well, last time I looked, about 20 years ago, I was 6′ 3″, although you are going to tell me that I am shorter now, aren’t you!”

“Not by a lot, you are 188cm, which comes out to 6′ 2”

So I am an inch shorter than I used to be. What makes this worse, is that it means my BMI has just shot up, even though I am actually losing weight.

There ain’t no justice.

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