Of course, this is all Brenda’s fault

I’ve managed to get away without having a blog or online journal for an awfully long time – particularly for someone who works in IT.

Although that isn’t entirely true – a few years back, when I was visiting folks in America, I wrote my own simple remote journal software, that let me post my travel notes and pictures to my own website. A couple of years ago, I actually started an anonymous LiveJournal (now long gone) to see if it appealed. The idea was that if I kept it up, it may eventually go public. I didn’t – I think the frequency of my posts was about once every 4-6 months, and I ended up deleting it.

Most recently I have been keeping a little diet blog going on StartYourDiet.com, as part of my ongoing get-fit plan. This has been more interesting, due to it (a) having a focus and reason to be, and (b) that focus is shared by other people on the site.

Then Brenda invited me to Plaxo, and I signed up, out of curiosity. I have to say, the idea behind Pulse appeals to me, as my main hangup with things like LiveJournal etc. is that they seem to divide the community between those who are on LJ (or whatever) and those who are not. So something that spans and links the various sites and forums seems a good idea to me.

Unfortunately, my diet blog is bespoke to the StartYourDiet.com, so cannot be easily shared.

So I have copied the posts over to here, on Blogger, and will continue to echo any posts on StartYourDiet.com over here; and maybe some other non-diet posts as well, who knows.

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